ROCKBROS Helmet ZN1001

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The ROCKBROS Helmet ZN1001 is produced with the highest safety standards, it is a superior cycling helmet in its series with a head circumference adjustable design. If you’re a pro or a hobbyist, this helmet is designed with the best anti-crash technology.  The shock buffer protection is effective with a skin care pad underneath the lining to cushion the head in case of a crash.

The ROCKBROS Helmet ZN1001 has 20 vent insertions for proper air circulation. The helmet support ribbon is reflective on both sides of the helmet when strapped to its buckle. The safety hazards lights can stay up for over 4 hours which when dim can be recharged using a USB port outlet.

Other Features
Material: EPS
Weight (g): About 330g
Air Vents: > 20
Certification: CE
Color: Black, Blue, White, Red, Yellow
Function: Ultralight helmet, Integral-molded helmet, Insect net helmet
Gender: Unisex
Fit for: Cycling, Riding, Hiking, Adventure, Camping, Running, Outdoor Sport
Power: USB charging
Size: Head circumference: 49-59 cm

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Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Black


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