JAVA Mini Folding Bike

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The JAVA Mini Folding Bike is cute, small and durable. It is a perfect city bike for casual trips. The frame is made of 520 Reynolds steel in UK, with chrome molybdenum steel fork and electroplated wire drawing process, with high strength. It is also known as the SORA 3500 suite  with 2*9 speed, simple operation capabilities and  lightweight, stable and safe.

This bike is foldable for easy fitting into your trunk for hiking, camping and other hobbies. Its wheel size is 20 inches with tough DECAF CATTIVA tires on its rim. The JAVA Mini Folding Bike has a Selle Royal VEGA saddle which is ergonomic and comfortable when riding. .

Other Features
Load Capacity: 100kg
Rim Material: Aluminum Alloy
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Type: Folding Bicycle
Stature: 150-180cm
Wheel Size: 20″
Pedal Type: Ordinary Pedal
Front Fork Type: Resistance Rubber (Medium Gear Non-damping)
Frame Type: Hard Frame (Non-rear Damper)
Volume: 0.1 m3
Braking System: Double Disc Brake
Fork Material: Aluminum Alloy
Net Weight: 11.3kg
Gross Weight: 15kg
Length (m): 1.33m

3 reviews for JAVA Mini Folding Bike

  1. Wilson .J

    Cute bike…small but rugged frame. nice 5 star bike

  2. Louis sanchez

    Smaller than I thought. giving it to my younger sister

  3. Steve. M

    Ok…no complains

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